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Foster an Animal - Change Lives!

What is Fostering?

Fostering an animal means taking in and caring for a pet on a temporary basis, while the pet is waiting to be adopted. This includes daily care (feeding, socializing, exercising) and plenty of love! Fosters also attend adoption events. There are several different foster situations and types of fosters, with placements ranging from a few days to several months.

a woman fostering a dog from an animal rescue in Blue Ridge, GA

If you have room in your home and your heart for a temporary pet, we have the need for safe, loving, and committed homes. The commitment to become a foster home will consist of making room in your family for a new member, making time to take foster pets to vet appointments or adoption days, and making a safe and supportive environment for animals that may have had traumatic pasts.

Fostering a dog will help animals who needs
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Important Fostering Information

Is Foster Care Right for Me?


Types of Fosters Needed

Wet Noses Animal Rescue focuses on several different types of fosters, including:

“Regular” or Permanent Fosters

to care for pets on a shorter or longer-term basis, in preparation for them to find their forever homes

Temporary Fosters

to cover during holidays, vacations, and emergencies until permanent fosters can be found or return.

Single Pet Home Fosters

for animals that do better as a single companion rather than in a home around other animals.

Special Needs Fosters

or animals that need continuous and/or special medical care or may be blind, deaf, or older and need more attention.

Experienced Baby-bottle Foster

for puppies and kittens that are abandoned or whose mothers can’t nurse and need bottle care.

Pregnancy Fosters

for pregnant moms, delivery, and subsequent care of moms and puppies
Your Help Matters!

Fostering Saves Lives

When you get involved with fostering from animal rescues, you’re helping to save animals from overcrowded shelters and other life-threatening situations where hard decisions must often be made. And fostering is not just about meeting basic needs and giving animals a place to stay. A loving foster placement truly helps the pet: it reduces stress and improves their health and behavior, which in turn makes the pet more appealing to potential adopters. Do good in the world for you, the dog or cat, and their future family by fostering today.

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Cause for Paws

How Else I Can Help

We are always looking for new fosters, volunteers, donors, and sponsors.


Frequently asked questions

Supplies are donation based, and available for fosters to use for the duration of fostering. This includes food, kennels as well as other supplies like bedding, dishes and toys.

  • Care for the animals while they recover from spay or neuter surgeries or other medical treatments

  • Work with them to help them adjust to a loving, indoor, safe environment

  • Communicate with Wet Noses Animal Rescue to prepare a personality “profile” on your foster animal so she or he can be put on our website and Facebook page. (This information helps the public learn more about and view the wonderful animals we have available in order to find the right match for their lifestyles)

  • Bring animals to adoption events. Note: adoption events are temporarily suspended due to COVID 19.

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you have helped save the life of an animal in need

  • Animal care supplies that you will need while caring for the animal. We provide appropriate items such as food, cat litter, carrier or crate, toys, leashes and collars for dogs, etc.

  • Loving animals for you to care for while they wait for their forever homes

  • The support of compassionate people with years of experience working with animals

  • The joy of watching an animal that you have cared for transform into a healthy, loving companion – because of you

  • The knowledge that you have made a difference in the life of a rescue

  • An experience you will never forget and will want to continue